2017/18 Stronger Communities Grants (Now Open)

The 2017/18 Round of the Stronger Communities Programme (SCP) has now opened in Gellibrand.

Applications are now open using the form below. 

Applications for Stage 1 will close 5pm on the 20 August 2017.

How do I apply?

1. Check your eligibility requirements under "Who is eligible?" below

2. Complete application form below

3. Prepare and email all supporting documentation with subject heading "2017 SCP GRANT DOCUMENTS [Organisation Name]" to tim.watts.mp@aph.gov.au. The following documentation should be included: 

     i. A copy of at least one official quote for the proposed project.

     ii. Letters of reference for all ‘in kind’ funding, including signed declarations from all ‘in kind’ contributors.

     iii. Any other relevant information you wish to attach to your application. 

What is the Stronger Communities Grant programme? 

The Gellibrand Stronger Communities Programme offers grants of between $2,500 and $20,000 to community organisations and local governments for small capital projects that improve community participation and contribute to the vibrancy of our community in Melbourne’s West. To be eligible for a SCP grant, applicants are required to match SCP grants in cash or in-kind on at least a dollar for dollar basis.  

Up to $150,000 will be allocated to projects within Gellibrand on the advice of a community consultation committee who will review all applications. Successful applications are then submitted to the Government for review and final sign off.

What are some examples of grants that have been successful?

Examples of successful applications in previous rounds of the SCP in Gellibrand include:

  • $20,000 for the Altona Vikings Football Club scoreboard upgrade;
  • $20,000 for the West Welcome Wagon warehouse fit out;
  • $12,000 for the Footscray Historical Society to upgrade their plumbing, electricity and heating; and
  • $14,000 for the Snuff Puppets to build new puppets for their Garden of Sorrows installation.

Raising matching funds can be a challenge for any organisation, but my office is here to help you and to support you in meeting this program requirement (for example past applicants have successfully used crowdfunding campaigns to raise in-kind contributions for this program). We will hold an information session for interested groups in the coming months, but if you are interested in applying, I encourage you to start planning as soon as possible.

Who is eligible? 

For information about eligibility, the application process and timelines, please visit the website:




Stage 1 (Now Open) - Applications to the Gellibrand Stronger Communities Selection Committee

Craig Rowley is once again heading up the Gellibrand Stronger Communities Selection Committee and they will be independently reviewing all applications made. As a reminder only applications that are successful in Stage 1 (Gellibrand Selection Committee stage) will be advanced to Stage 2 (submitted to the Department).

Applications for Stage 1 will close 5pm on the 20 August 2017.

Criteria for Stage 1 


What you will need to demonstrate

How evaluation will be scored

Community Engagement

How will your proposed project improve community participation and cohesion and contribute to vibrancy and vitality of the community, and what are the chances of successful achievement of your aims?

High scores go to applications that have higher chances of succeeding and clearer and more detailed descriptions of the proposed project would improve community participation and cohesion, vibrancy and vitality.    

Impact on Community

What is exactly is the impact of your proposed project?

Higher scores go to applications that have clearer and more detailed descriptions of the positive impact that the proposed project will produce, who will benefit from it, and how long the beneficial positive impact will last.

Value for Money

How much positive impact will your proposed project produce, for how many people, and over how long a timespan?

High scores go to applications that demonstrate more widespread and enduring positive impact (i.e. more good for more people for more time).


You can find the application form for Stage 1 below. If you have any further questions about the Gellibrand Stronger Communities Grants please contact my office on 03 9687 7661 or email me at Tim.Watts.MP@aph.gov.au


Application for Stage 1 - 2017 Gellibrand Stronger Communities Grant