Parliamentary Speeches

Matters of Public Importance: Broadband (30 Nov 2021)

Tim Watts: After eight long years of the Abbott-Turnbull-Morrison government, Australians are entitled to look back and ask, 'What has been the point of that?' As it heads into its ninth year and as it prepares to ask the Australian public to start a second decade in office, what has been the legacy of the Abbott-Turnbull-Morrison government? You really have to feel for the historians of future...

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Bills: Investment Funds Legislation Amendment Bill 2021; Second Reading (22 Nov 2021)

Tim Watts: As the Australian people know, they vote for you. I'm happy to second the amendment.

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Statements by Members: Coalition Government (22 Nov 2021)

Tim Watts: As we begin this final sitting block of 2021, it is clear that the clapped-out jalopy of the Abbott-Turnbull-Morrison government has finally broken down. For eight long years, parts have been spraying off this government as it has careened from scandal to scandal, from failure to failure and from bungle to bungle. But today it all came apart, with coalition senators voting against their own...

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Motions: Infrastructure Funding (22 Nov 2021)

Tim Watts: I thank the member for Lalor for moving this important motion, and I'm proud to speak in support of it. In the last days of the 2019 federal election, a desperate Prime Minister announced that a re-elected Morrison government would invest in Melbourne's west through a city deal with the region. Now, nearly 1,000 days later, with the next federal election imminent, he still hasn't delivered....

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Constituency Statements: Climate Change (27 Oct 2021)

Tim Watts: Yesterday was a grim day in the global battle against climate change. In the lead-up to the Glasgow climate conference, scientists have confirmed that the current emissions reduction commitments of governments around the world will see us on track for 2.7 degrees of global warming by 2100. That would be a global catastrophe and would radically change the Australian way of life for our...

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Statements by Members: Treasurer (26 Oct 2021)

Tim Watts: The elite and out-of-touch British aristocracy would often address their servants by their job titles-cook and boots-instead of having to learn their names. The Duke of Portland took this a step further and forced his servants to face the wall as he passed. But not even the dukes and duchesses of the Old Dart were as out of touch as this Treasurer, who last night showed that he...

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