Parliamentary Speeches

Committees: Public Accounts and Audit Committee; Report (9 Dec 2020)

Tim Watts: by leave-I join the chair of the committee in congratulating members for the way they engaged in this very important inquiry and also join the chair in thanking the secretariat staff for their assistance with this report. I really think this report shows the parliament at its best-parliamentarians working together across party lines, outside the media spotlight, on complex issues...

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Committees: Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Joint Committee; Report (9 Dec 2020)

Tim Watts: I rise with great pleasure to speak on this report about the adoption of an Australian Magnitsky act. I want to acknowledge the subcommittee members for their work on this, particularly the chair, the member for Menzies, and the deputy chair, the member for Paterson. I also want to acknowledge Senator Kitching, who has long been a strong advocate on this issue. There's a private member's bill...

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Statements by Members: COVID-19: Australians Overseas (8 Dec 2020)

Tim Watts: With deep apologies to Tim Minchin: I really like Christmas! It's sentimental, I know, but I just really like it. And I've heard the prime ministerial promises, but I don't believe that every stranded Australian will be home by Christmas-to be honest. And I've heard all the usual excuses and redefinitions of waiting-list places, while Australians wait for spaces in quarantine places and...

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Bills: Corporations Amendment (Corporate Insolvency Reforms) Bill 2020; Second Reading (7 Dec 2020)

Tim Watts: I'm happy to second the amendment, and I reserve my right to speak.

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Statements by Members: Gordon, Mr Peter (7 Dec 2020)

Tim Watts: I rise to acknowledge the end of an era as Peter Gordon, President of the Western Bulldogs, has announced that he will stand down from his second stint at the helm of the Dogs. He leaves an unparalleled dynasty. In the best of times and in the worst of times for the dogs, Peter was there leading the way. In his first stint as president, back in 1989, he was there for the worst of times. The...

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Statements by Members: Prime Minister (3 Dec 2020)

Tim Watts: I rise to welcome back our Prime Minister to question time, in the flesh-our marketing-man Prime Minister! Last question time, I counted the number of references to the advertising company funded slogan that the Prime Minister is currently running out, 'the comeback'. He's 'come back' to parliament today, in the flesh. Let's see if there's more substance to him than the hologram Prime...

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