Cycling Survey for Melbourne's West

Are you a cyclist in Melbourne’s West?

I want to hear from you about the role that the Federal Government can play in increasing cycling participation in Melbourne’s West.

Melbourne's west has a relatively low utilisation of active transport. For example, three times as many Brunswick residents cycled to work each morning in 2011 as Footscray residents, despite the two suburbs being a similar distance from the CBD.

The quality of cycling infrastructure and the safety of cyclists on roads in Melbourne's west is, no doubt, part of the reason for this relatively low cycling rate.

Cycling in Melbourne's west can be a challenging experience, with cyclists regularly sharing roads with large numbers of trucks, on-road cycling lanes that funnel riders into heavy traffic and separated bike paths that end abruptly. The safety issues posed by these challenges will only become more acute as the population of Melbourne's west grows.

Melbourne's west has been one of the fastest growing regions in Australia over the last decade, and this growth is forecast to continue apace over the next 10 years.

As population grows in Melbourne's west, so too does pressure on our transport networks. Melbourne's west needs a sustained increase in investment in active transport infrastructure to complement the major investments being made in both roads and rail by the Andrews state government.

Bill Shorten has publicly stated his commitment to ensuring that investing in cycling is a priority for a Federal Labor government. I want to hear from you about how you think we should go about it.